Is “Ain’t Your Mama”Your Cup of Tea?

Last weekend, Jennifer Lopez released her new single “Ain’t Your Mama.” Fans, myself included rushed to listen to and watch the new video which  I read is about gender equality. Cool I told  myself, this will be another stride in the fight for gender equality. When I proceeded to watch the video I become confused as to the message the artist is trying to convey. Women are represented as being a housewife, working in blue collar jobs, and a personal assistant/secretary in a prominent organization in which her boss takes credit for her work and research. In each scenario, Jennifer Lopez criticizes the discrimination that women often face in each of these situations and tells women to “Stand Up.”

Although it is important for women to know it is absolutely ok for them to stand up for their rights, the video fails to mention that not all men discriminate towards women. There are men in various circles who do play an active role in advocating for the rights of women and minorities. In this day of age, one cannot achieve true gender equality if men are alienated and stereotyped as “women-haters.” Rather one should teach boys and girls at an early age, the importance of treating each other with respect and standing up for each other.  This is how feminism should work.

For more information read Karrine Steffans-Short’s  Huffington Post article “Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t Your Mama” Ain’t My Feminism”

What are your thoughts?

By: Ericka Rodas, Senior Editor




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