Charles Wade Charged with Sex Trafficking

Charles Wade, Black Lives Matter Activist, has been charged with sex trafficking a 17 year old girl in a motel last month in Maryland. An undercover detective investigating responded to an ad in which the girl was said to be 23 years old. When the detective arrived at the motel room, he  identified himself as a law enforcement official in which the young girl ran away in fear. Minutes after, Charles Wade approached the motel room. He is charged with seven counts of sex trafficking and faces a $15,000 fine. Wade is affirming his innocence even though there is evidence that he was in communication with the undercover detective when responding to the ad. In addition, the minor affirms that Wade is her “manager”and that he told her not to worry about being 17 since she will turn 18 years old in a few months.

The anti-trafficking community hopes that Charles Wade will soon be brought to justice.

Black Lives Matter Leader Charged With Pimping A 17-Year-Old Girl

Written By: Ericka Rodas, Senior Editor



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